bricksforge lifetime package


Bricksforge is a plugin that extends and integrates with Bricks Builder. Bricksforge adds several elements to Bricks, such as 3D model, Lottie animations, popup triggers, table of contents and the big one, Pro Forms. Pro Forms extends the native Bricks Form with additional fields, calculators, a number of new form actions, create frontend forms, manage form submissions, and more.

A standout feature of Bricksforge is its support for the ability to create simple to advanced GASP animations. There is the Bricksforge Panel that gives you a user interface for working with JavaScript, listening for events, and create event trigger responses. Bricksforge adds a number of Dynamic Data Tags and additional Element Conditions. There is a popup builder, email designer, and the ability to create meta menus.

Bricksforge has many advanced features, such as the ability to customize the Bricks editor and the ability to create and apply role based permissions for the Bricks editor. The plugin allows you to crate your own global class sets, with a mini CSS framework included, as well as making it easier to import and use third party CSS frameworks. Many additional new features are being added.

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