clearfy and oxygen

Clearfy and Oxygen

Clearfy is currently having a sale on its LTD here.

$79 – 3 websites
$149 – 10 websites
$199 – 50 websites
$299 – Unlimited websites

Free vs Pro:

I tested the free and Pro versions in Oxygen and here are my findings.

The plugin can be broadly considered to perform two things: WordPress Tweaks and Assets Manager.

To many users, the assets manager is more important and I have seen comments by others saying they prefer Clearfy’s assets manager to Asset Cleanup and Perfmatters. And I agree. I use Asset Cleanup and find its UX a little cumbersome compared to Clearfy’s assets manager.

Problems when using with Oxygen

  1. When Optimize JavaScript Code is enabled, Oxygen Builder does not finish loading and the gear keeps spinning. The plugin does not have an option to specify exclusions based on a string in the URL (Oxygen editor pages have ?ct_builder=true in the URL). Hence it is not possible to use this feature. Update: Forum topic.
  2. It is not currently possible to disable a plugin or a plugin’s assets in the Oxygen editor. One would think that “Custom URL” with contains option available in the Pro version would do the trick but it does not work. Details. Update: Forum topic.

Due to these reasons, Clearfy Pro is not something I would buy in its current state.

Webcraftic, the company behind Clearfy has a separate plugin just for the assets management in the WP plugin repository here and that is what I will likely be using going forward.

These are what the free version (of either Clearfy or Webcraftic Assets manager) lacks when compared to the Assets manager in Clearfy Pro:

  1. Safe mode. With this, changes only reflect for the admin.
  2. Some disable rules. Screenshot.
  3. Being able to move scripts and styles to footer.

But these are not a big deal for me. YMMV.

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